Marine Scientist’s Accidental Discovery Can Make Corals Grow 25-40 Times Faster

by Paul Swade, Jan 19 2019 In a time where the coral reefs are dying at an unprecedented rate Dr. Dave Vaughan, former Executive Director at the Mote Marine Laboratory in Florida, accidentally found a way to increase the growth rates of corals by a factor of 25-40 . The technique called “microfragmenting” works by […]

Underwater Robot Has Potential To Help Revive The World’s Dwindling Coral Reefs

by Paul Swade, Dec 28 2018 The shrinking coral reefs around the world are a depressing but constant reminder of our collective failures to deal with climate change. However, all hope for a coral renaissance is not lost. In December 2018 an undersea robot developed by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) delivered as much as […]

World’s Largest Ocean Cleanup Project Just Started Its Journey Towards The Pacific Garbage Patch

by Paul Swade, Sep 11 2018 The Ocean Cleanup Project has now officially launched system 001, named Wilson, from the San Francisco Bay and begun its journey towards the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Wilson will act as a front runner for the project and if successful will serve as the prototype for a fleet of […]