Tesla loses one of the original founders

After the last announcement that Tesla had delivered almost 100,000 cars in the last quarter with another net loss, it also revealed that the company’s long-time CTO J.B. Straubel would be leaving to take up an advisory position within the company.

It represents a significant change in leadership as Straubel who is 43 years old represents the part of the core of Tesla and alongside Elon Musk appears to the closest to a true believer in the official vision of electric cars and how they could help reshape the world. He joined Tesla in 2004 a year after it was formed. Furthermore, Straubel has been seen as one of the stable components of Tesla’s otherwise drama filled top leadership.

Straubel’s focus on creating a more environmentally friendly car seems to be a life-long passion, starting as early as his time at Stanford where he created the custom major “Energy systems and engineering” while working on Stanford’s car team focusing on solar energy, where he bought an old Porsche and turned it into an electric car.

Drew Baglino Tesla’s former Vice Present of technology will be taking over the job as CTO and as he puts it himself he has “big, big shoes to fill” both on the tech side but also at times in reigning in Elon Musk himself.