Tesla’s newest software update introduces a whole lot of features

Source, Tesla

The new version 10.0 software update to the Tesla vehicles will be deployed during this and last week week, with the update automatically being installed on all Tesla models. The update is among the most extensive ones to date and heavily focused on improving the “in-car” Tesla experience, with features such as “Car-aoke”, “Tesla Arcade” and “Tesla Theater”.

However, the one feature that stands out above the rest appears to be “Smart Summon”. In short “Smart Summon” enables a Tesla to navigate a parking lot on its own and drive up next to the owner, e.g. if you don’t feel like walking through the rain.

While the “Smart Summon” feature seems to be more of a “nice to have” than a revolutionary change in how people will use their Tesla, it does exemplify that Tesla is continuously moving towards their final goal of creating a fully autonomous vehicle.

Besides Smart Summon the update introduces 7 other large features:

  • Tesla Theater: Enables the Model S, X and 3 to connect center displays to Hulu, Netflix or YouTube. In China it gives access to iQiyi and Tencent Video
  • Karaoke (Car-aoke): Equipping Tesla both with a large library of songs/music and enabling karaoke functionality
  • Restaurants and Destinations: Better map functionality as well as introducing several more quirky features such as Tesla’s own restaurant version of “I’m Feeling Lucky”
  • Music & Podcasts: Fully enabled Spotify premium account access in all support markets. This is on top of the Slacker Radio Tuneln which are currently available.
  • Tesla Arcade: Giving access to the “run-and-gun” game “Cuphead” by Studio MDHR
  • Security & Convenience: Improving a wide range of security features, including “Sentry Mode”, the dash cam and several UI changes

For the full list of changes see the official update by Tesla.